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Title: Discovering the Best of Business and Community in Mareeba, Queensland

Welcome to Mareeba, the charming town located in the Atherton Tablelands region in Queensland, Australia. This town has a beautiful blend of natural beauty, rich culture, and thriving business sectors. Let us take a closer look at some of the best businesses and community initiatives that make Mareeba a wonderful place to call home.

1. Agriculture

Mareeba is renowned for its top-quality produce, and agriculture is significant for economic development. Mareeba has a plethora of agriculture businesses that offer various services like irrigation, landscaping, supply of machinery and equipment, and horticultural advice. Fare You Well is one of the most popular farms in Mareeba, growing tropical fruits like mangoes, lychees, and limes.

2. Tourism

Mareeba is home to several attractions that attract tourists from all over Australia and beyond. The town offers an array of sights and activities for visitors, ranging from hot air ballooning to exploring the Mareeba Heritage Museum. Skybury Coffee Plantation, Mareeba Heritage Museum, Mareeba Wetlands Conservation Park, and Mount Hypipamee National Park are some of the popular tourist spots in the area.

3. Health and Fitness

Mareeba has several health and fitness centers that cater to the wellness needs of the community. Mareeba’s Serrapeptase and Beyond center offers services like sports massage, kinesiology, and nutritional counseling that have helped many clients improve their physical and mental wellbeing. The expansive Jubilee Park is a hub for sports enthusiasts, offering a range of facilities like a skate park, basketball court, and walking trails.

4. Community Involvement

Mareeba has a strong community base, with several local initiatives aimed at fostering a sense of inclusivity and sustainability. The Mareeba Community Garden is a perfect example of this- it is a space for locals to come together, share knowledge about organic gardening practices, and grow their own produce. The Mareeba Community Centre, on the other hand, is a resource center for families in the area.


Mareeba is a vibrant town that offers plenty of opportunities for businesses, tourism, and community involvement. Whether you are looking to explore the area's natural beauty or connect with local businesses and residents, Mareeba is an excellent destination worth visiting. With its diverse economy, extensive community resources, and beautiful natural attractions, Mareeba has something to offer everyone.

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